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For years I had dabbled in meditation, experiencing only brief glimpses into stillness, calm, clarity, and connection that were short-lived after re-opening my eyes. I resisted incorporating meditation into my life, stemming from a knee-jerk reaction to associating a daily practice with the word “discipline.” I remember thinking, “I’ll meditate when I feel like it.”

It wasn’t until I finally began a daily meditation practice in December that my resistance to discipline softened as I began to witness my mind shifting. I began to realize that remaining disciplined in meditation allows for expansiveness of the mind and a respite from the persistent over-activity of my thought stream. When my mind is open, calmness, connectivity, creativity, and happiness are at my fingertips. As I continue with my practice, I notice that these qualities slowly integrate into my being, allowing me opportunities to connect to myself and the world around me from a place of responsiveness instead of reactivity.

Here’s an excerpt from an article I found from Yoga International​ about meditation – “[Meditation] heals and comforts a mind that is exhausted by the randomness and mental demands of everyday activity.”

Read the whole article here:


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yogi + registered yoga teacher + life-long student of the eight-limbed path

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