Mindfulness: A Way of Life

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A new beoctober blogad, a new breath 📿

This time last October, I was in my first week of yoga teacher training. Not long after beginning an exploration of the eight-limbed path, we were encouraged to meditate everyday for a month. Now a year later, meditation remains as one of the most grounding aspects of my daily routine (dinacharya). In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to withdraw from the ever-present stimuli of the physical world. But now, as my practice moves me toward mindfulness as a way of life, I see that it is this exact stimulation in its many pervasive forms — along with our days, thoughts, stories, egos — that can take us way from our innermost essence. It is in the silence and stillness where I find myself again — the re-joining and remembrance of nature + spirit.


The Author

yogi + registered yoga teacher + life-long student of the eight-limbed path

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