Month: January 2016

Chair Yoga – Mindful Flow for the Office

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Physical Focus || Shoulders + Hip Flexors Spiritual Focus || Connection The simplest definition of yoga is connection. It can be easy to lose touch with  connection to ourselves and our inner guidance as we move throughout our day. This practice reminds us that this connection is always available to re-discover. Pilgrimage Pose || Supported Warrior I + Standing Lunge Class Length || 15 m. [easily adaptable] This sequence is ideal for a 15-minute midday practice […]

Cultivating a More Peaceful World Through Yoga

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In a yoga practice as we move + breathe, the overall energy and vibration is heightened within us and around us as we synch with the universal rhythm. As we stretch beyond the four corners or our mat and move through the day, the vibrations we emit continue to ripple throughout our surroundings. It is rhythm entrainment, or sympathetic vibration. Anodea Judith explains in Wheels of Light that two waves with similar frequencies — or even […]