Month: February 2016

Heart Chakra Meditation

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Anahata Chakra || “Unstruck” Physical Location || Heart Center + Lungs + Arms + Hands Emotional States || Love + Compassion + Empathy + Kindness + Grace + Ease Element || Air Color || Green — Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Maintain a gentle internal gaze, directed toward your heart center. Spend a few moments gathering the breath into a free-flowing & easeful rhythm. If your mind begins to wander, express patience and compassion toward yourself […]

Mindful Flow

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Physical Focus || Chest expansion + heart opening [anahata chakra] Spiritual Focus || Connection to self + world around us In its simplest definition, yoga is connection to ourselves and the world around us. In a yoga practice, as you move + breathe, the overall energy is heightened within you and around you. It can be easy to be pulled away from this connection during your day – or even during your yoga or meditation practice […]