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Physical Focus || Chest expansion + heart opening [anahata chakra]

Spiritual Focus || Connection to self + world around us

In its simplest definition, yoga is connection to ourselves and the world around us. In a yoga practice, as you move + breathe, the overall energy is heightened within you and around you. It can be easy to be pulled away from this connection during your day – or even during your yoga or meditation practice – but it is in your practice of noticing and returning through mindfulness that you are brought back to this connection. As you emerge from your yoga practice and return to your day, see what happens within you and around you as the vibrations you created continue to flow within and ripple throughout your surroundings.

Pilgrimage Pose || Dhanurasana [bow]

Class Length || 60-75m.

Click the link below to view the entire class plan.

opening wave + meditation

– begin prone on belly: rest forehands on palms or turn head to one side
– breath cultivation: notice the compression of the front line + expansion of the back line
– transition to the right side, support head with right arm
– extend left arm to ceiling + arm circles
– half side bow: clasp left foot with left hand
– release bind & re-extend left arm: open to twist
– transition to back – gentle setu bandhasana [bridge] pose
– transition to left side, support head with left arm
– extend right arm to ceiling + arm circles
– half side bow: clasp right foot with right hand
– release bind & re-extend right arm: open to twist
– transition to belly + gentle salabhasana [locust] + chest expansion bind with feet + legs grounded
– low bhujangasana [cobra] through midline
– low bhujangasana left + right
– balasana [child’s pose] to table top
– biltilasana [cow] + marjaryasana [cat]
– bhujangasana flow*: table top – cobra though midline – cobra right + left – child’s pose – cow + cat
– opening meditation: transition to comfortable seat – allow movement to settle to stillness + feel reverberations. observe the breath + notice sensations. open practice with the sound of om – feel the sound vibration within + around you.

warming wave: surya namaskar [sun salutation] c + surya namaskar b variations

– sun salutation c + bhujangasana flow*
– repeat + chest expansion bind with ajaneyasana [crescent lunge]
– sun salutation b with virabhadrasana I [warrior I] + bhujangasana flow*
– repeat + chest expansion bind with virabhadrasana I
– balasana – observe connection to breath

evolution wave: surya namaskar b variation

– adho mukha svanasana [downward facing dog] to three-legged dog [right]
– virabhadrasana II [warrior II] to reverse warrior
– adho mukha svanasana to bhujangasana flow*
– adho mukha svanasana to three-legged dog [left]
– virabhadrasana II to reverse warrior
– adho mukha svanasana to uttanasana [forward fold]
– ardha uttanasna  [half-way lift] to urdhva hatasana [upward salute]
– tadasana [mountain]
– repeat above: add star pose + prasarita padottanasana [wide-legged forward fold] with chest expansion bind
– quarter-turn to low lunge to adho mukha svanasana

evolution wave: prone core series

– lower to ground through plank
– salabhasana [locust]  + chest expansion bind
– sphinx pose
– balasana

peak wave: standing + floor series

– tadasana
– one-legged tadasana
– natarajasana [dancer’s pose]
– virabhadrasana III [warrior III] + chest expansion bind
– one-legged tadasana to tadasana
– transition to ground in prone position
– dhanurasana [bow]

closing wave + meditation

– adho mukha svanasana
– ardha kapotasana [half pigeon] upright +/- recline
– prone thread the needle + modified gomukhasana [eagle] arms [wrap opposite hand to shoulder]
– open to twist
– transition to back
– setu bhandasana + chest expansion bind
– supine knees to chest
– viparita karani [legs up the wall]
– ananda balasana [happy baby]
– savasana
– closing meditation: transition to a comfortable seat. feel the expansiveness of the energy within you + around you. send your energy to the yogis on either side of you. fill the entire room with this energy. send your energy to someone you love. send your energy out to the universe.
– close practice with the sound of om + namaste.


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yogi + registered yoga teacher + life-long student of the eight-limbed path

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