Heart Chakra Meditation

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Anahata Chakra || “Unstruck”

Physical Location || Heart Center + Lungs + Arms + Hands

Emotional States || Love + Compassion + Empathy + Kindness + Grace + Ease

Element || Air

Color || Green

Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Maintain a gentle internal gaze, directed toward your heart center. Spend a few moments gathering the breath into a free-flowing & easeful rhythm. If your mind begins to wander, express patience and compassion toward yourself as you re-center your attention on the breath.

Continue to breathe in and out with ease. Gradually draw your focus to the sensations that accompany the rise and fall of the breath. Notice the subtle energy that underlies the physical movement of the breath. As you breathe in, fill yourself with love. As you breathe out, send love from your heart center into the space around you, creating a mandala of vibrant emerald energy.

Complete several rounds, continuously replenishing and bathing your body with the air element. Close your meditation as your heart feels full.

Slowly blink your eyes open and feel the loving energy that you have created. Move into your day, connected to the expansive and infinite flow of heart energy spiraling inward and outward.


The Author

yogi + registered yoga teacher + life-long student of the eight-limbed path

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