Month: March 2016

Water Ritual: A Healing Practice

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Water Ritual: A Healing Practice By: Sarah Erter Within the Chakra System, water is associated with Svadhistana — the second chakra, housed within the pelvis. It represents our emotions, desires, raw creative energy, and sense of pleasure. Just as the ocean’s tides are pulled by the Moon, the Moon governs the water element within us. Svadhistana is experienced through the color orange, the sense of taste, and the vibrations of its seed sound, “vam.” When […]

Sedona Yoga Festival

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On my last night in Sedona, I found myself filled with gratitude for the founders of the Sedona Yoga Festival. Marc & Heather Titus are creators and connectors. Through their vision, I learned from yogis, scholars, creatives, and healers with the spirit-driven musical vibrations of DJ Taz, Jim Beckwith, and Saul David Raye infused throughout. I re-united with my heart-tribe and soul-sisters Silvia Mordini and Laura Hand and met so many other beautiful spirits. I am honored to have […]