a mantra to bridge the spiritual + physical planes

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sedona april.JPGom hrim

om — the infinite plane, upward energy, cosmos, inhalation, shiva, soul, rajas, ether
hrim — the material plane, grounding energy, physicality, exhalation, shakti, body, tamas, earth

om hrim cultivates the clarity + remembrance that we are inspired beings infused with the universal consciousness, creativity, and intelligence that permeates all of nature. chanting this mantra increases our receptivity to the heart energy so that maya (the mist of illusion within our physical world) can be gently lifted. as we bridge our existence as spiritual beings living on earth, om hrim explores the interplay and chemistry of balance (sattva) — raising the vibration of a heavy mind (tamas) and soothing the activity of a reeling mind (rajas), landing us softly in steadiness + equilibrium.


The Author

yogi + registered yoga teacher + life-long student of the eight-limbed path

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