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Physical Focus || Hip Opening [Svadhisthana Chakra]

Spiritual Focus || Exploring the inner landscape

Class Length || 60-75m.

Click the link below to view the entire class plan.

opening meditation: close & rest the eyes from external stimulation. connection to your internal landscape is facilitated by intentionally withdrawing the senses from the external world. observe the breath. scan the body for areas of tension and gently begin to re-direct the breath to these areas to allow for softening. open + unite energy with the sound of om.

opening wave: integration + grounding

– balasana [child’s pose] + breath cultivation
– balasana [child’s pose] + lateral extension
– table top
– biltilasana [cow] + marjaryasana [cat]
– adho mukha svanasana [downward facing dog] to plank asana
– low bhujangasana [cobra] x 3
– transition through modified plank asana to adho mukha svanasana
– uttanasana [forward fold]
– ardha uttanasna [half-way lift] to urdhva hastasana [upward salute]
– tadasana [mountain]

warming wave: surya namaskar a variation [sun salutation]

– surya namaskar a [sun salutation a] x 5
– surya namaskar c variation + anjaneyasana [low crescent lunge]
– anjaneyasana + simple twist
– scandasana to low lunge at top of mat
– plank asana to adho mukha svanasana
– repeat on other side + basic vinyasa

evolution wave: surya namaskar b variation

– urdhva hastasana to utkatasana [chair pose]
– ardha chandrasana I [standing half-moon]
– optional basic vinyasa to tri pada adho mukha svanasana [three-legged downward dog] + return to closed hip
–  virabhadrasana I [warrior I] + hands clasped behind head to gentle backbend + chest-expansion bind to baddha virabhadrasana [humble warrior]
– virabhadrasana II [warrior II] to viparita virabhadrasana [reverse warrior]
– virabhadrasana II to prasarita padottanasana [wide-legged forward fold]
– virabhadrasana II to viparita virabhadrasana
– optional basic vinyasa to adho mukha svanasana
– transition to plank asana and lower to the earth
– shalambasana [locust pose] x 3
– repeat on other side with dhanurasana [bow pose] instead of shalambasana
– optional basic vinyasa to adho mukha svanasana

evolution wave: standing poses + balancing poses

– utkatasana through basic vinyasa to adho mukha svanasana
– virabhadrasana II to viparita virabhadrasana
– utthita parsvakonasana [side-angle]
– low lunge to adho mukha svanasaka
– repeat on other side + transition to tadasana
– vriksasana [tree pose] to eka pada tadasana to virabhadrasana III [warrior III]
– utkatasana to parivrtta utkatasana [revolved chair pose] to parivrtta anjaneyasana [revolved crescent lunge]

deepening wave: seated poses

– table top to parsva balasana [thread the needle]
– adho mukha svanasana to uttanasana with wide feet at top of mat
– malasana [squat pose]
– navasana [boat pose]
– purvottanasana [reverse table top versus plank]
– seated baddha konasana [seated bound angle pose]
– janu sirsasana [one-legged forward fold]
– paschimottanasana [seated forward fold]
– ardha matsyendrasana [seated twist]
– setu bhandasana [bridge pose] + reclined baddha konasana x 3
– supine ardha kapotasana [supine half-pigeon pose]
– viparita karani [legs up the wall]
– savasana

closing meditation + closing practice with the sound of om.




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yogi + registered yoga teacher + life-long student of the eight-limbed path

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