The Yoga Begins Now

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sea to sky may

“When everything else is stripped away, the essential is revealed.” — B.K.S. Iyengar

The practices along the eight-limbed path of yoga re-align us with universal consciousness (chit), which streams through all of nature. All beings, creatures, plants, elements, and landscapes reveal an individual expression of consciousness, known as chitta. When we are tuned into the universal flow, we tap into the luminous + essential self with an internal steadiness and sense of receptivity. Though through our senses, much of our human experience is outwardly oriented — and as a result, we are susceptible to external energies that hold the potential to carry us away from our sense of connection to self + universal flow. It is in the wisdom of yoga sutra 1.1 — the yoga begins now — that we are reminded of the opportunity the present moment holds to align with the heartbeat of the universe. The more we practice, the more easily we are able to align, re-align, and remain aligned. In this sense, we can learn from nature — the ultimate example of graceful and sensitive adaptation.


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yogi + registered yoga teacher + life-long student of the eight-limbed path

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