Month: November 2016

aparigraha: acknowledging abundance

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In The Secret Power of Yoga, Nischala Joy Devi explains Yoga Sutra 2.29 + the concept of abundance (aparigrapha) — “Acknowledging abundance, we recognize the blessings in everything & gain insights into the purpose of our worldly existence,” – Yoga Sutra 2.29, Nischala Joy Devi, The Secret Power of Yoga Deborah Adele describes aparigraha as relating to the present moment — being immersed & engaged in “life and one another.” More traditional interpretations of this sutra […]

the elements of air + space

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In considering the elements of air + space [vayu + aakash] that constitute the vata dosha, they relate to both movement + stillness. These elements are pervasive and exist both internally — e.g., the movement of the breath, the movement of the thoughts, and externally — e.g., the movement of the wind in the atmosphere. These elements share a relationship — movement creates space, and space creates a boundary-less sense of expansion and freedom. When working together […]