Month: March 2017

Exploring the breath —

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“Inhalation engulfs the whole body, expanding from center to periphery. During exhalation, the tide recedes drawing back toward center. The in-breath is a movement toward the peripheral consciousness; the out-breath moves into the core of consciousness.”   – B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life  Exploring the flow of the breath in this week’s classes @ Eka Yoga • Thursday @ 4:30pm • Saturday @ 8am • Saturday @ 4pm

30 sun salutations for my 30th birthday 

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  variations on sun salutations: ✔️1/2 sun salutation a: mountain • upward salute • forward fold • 1/2 lift • forward fold • upward salute • mountain = focus on neutral spine ✔️ sun salutation a with cow + cat vinyasa: 1/2 sun salutation • step back to table top • cow + cat • +/- downward dog • forward fold • 1/2 lift • forward fold • upward salute • mountain = minimizes weight […]

Meditating with the waves

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Meditating with the waves this morning.  Each breath is different — attuned with the present moment.  As breath enters the body, diaphragm descends, the belly inflates, the ribcage expands, the heart lifts. As breath is released, everything recoils back toward center.  A reaching toward & drawing back, mirroring the waves on the shore.

Vata Pacifying 

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I am teaching one more class at Eka Yoga before heading out of town for a few days to celebrate the big 3️⃣0️⃣!  Vata Pacifying Hatha • Thursday @ 4:30pm  When Vata energy is deficient in the physical body, mind, and spirit, symptoms such as joint stiffness, reduced circulation, rigid thought processes, or depression can arise. Restore a sense of flow in the mind + body through a warming and soothing practice. PS Thank you to […]