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Private Yoga Sessions

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Yoga is a system for approaching physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I specialize in increasing the accessibility of yoga and its accompanying practices so that these benefits are available to anyone who wishes to practice. No prior experience with yoga is necessary, and the practice is adaptable to any stage of life. My intention is to create approachable classes that support your unique needs and goals.   Benefits of private yoga sessions: Practice yoga in […]

The practice of returning home

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In returning to my home studio after a week away, I am reminded that as part of my yoga and meditation, I love the ritual of returning to my mat and placing props and inspiration in a special way to support my practice.  Though after having traveled to visit my brother this past weekend, I was reminded of another aspect — part of living in alignment with my practice off the mat, yoga goes with […]

Exploring the breath —

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“Inhalation engulfs the whole body, expanding from center to periphery. During exhalation, the tide recedes drawing back toward center. The in-breath is a movement toward the peripheral consciousness; the out-breath moves into the core of consciousness.”   – B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life  Exploring the flow of the breath in this week’s classes @ Eka Yoga • Thursday @ 4:30pm • Saturday @ 8am • Saturday @ 4pm

30 sun salutations for my 30th birthday 

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According to yoga philosophy, it is auspicious to complete as many rounds of sun salutations on your birthday as many times as you have traveled around the sun. Here are the variations I chose for my practice this morning. variations on sun salutations: ✔️1/2 sun salutation a: mountain • upward salute • forward fold • 1/2 lift • forward fold • upward salute • mountain = focus on neutral spine ✔️ sun salutation a with […]

Meditating with the waves

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Meditating with the waves this morning.  Each breath is different — attuned with the present moment.  As breath enters the body, diaphragm descends, the belly inflates, the ribcage expands, the heart lifts. As breath is released, everything recoils back toward center.  A reaching toward & drawing back, mirroring the waves on the shore.

Vata Pacifying 

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I am teaching one more class at Eka Yoga before heading out of town for a few days to celebrate the big 3️⃣0️⃣!  Vata Pacifying Hatha • Thursday @ 4:30pm  When Vata energy is deficient in the physical body, mind, and spirit, symptoms such as joint stiffness, reduced circulation, rigid thought processes, or depression can arise. Restore a sense of flow in the mind + body through a warming and soothing practice. PS Thank you to […]

winter solstice + transitioning into kapha season

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last night’s full circle winter solstice gathering at Eka Yoga, led by Marissa with Naturefy— tapping into nature’s changes with the transition into kapha season. when we align with nature, we see its reflection in mind, body, & spirit. the practices of ayurveda include an awareness of nature’s elemental shifts along with adaptations to create harmony with seasonal changes. the altar pictured above represents earth + water, winter’s predominant elemental expression — though depending where you […]

aparigraha: acknowledging abundance

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In The Secret Power of Yoga, Nischala Joy Devi explains Yoga Sutra 2.29 + the concept of abundance (aparigrapha) — “Acknowledging abundance, we recognize the blessings in everything & gain insights into the purpose of our worldly existence,” – Yoga Sutra 2.29, Nischala Joy Devi, The Secret Power of Yoga Deborah Adele describes aparigraha as relating to the present moment — being immersed & engaged in “life and one another.” More traditional interpretations of this sutra […]