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The practice of returning home

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In returning to my home studio after a week away, I am reminded that as part of my yoga and meditation, I love the ritual of returning to my mat and placing props and inspiration in a special way to support my practice.  Though after having traveled to visit my brother this past weekend, I was reminded of another aspect — part of living in alignment with my practice off the mat, yoga goes with […]

Exploring the breath —

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“Inhalation engulfs the whole body, expanding from center to periphery. During exhalation, the tide recedes drawing back toward center. The in-breath is a movement toward the peripheral consciousness; the out-breath moves into the core of consciousness.”   – B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life  Exploring the flow of the breath in this week’s classes @ Eka Yoga • Thursday @ 4:30pm • Saturday @ 8am • Saturday @ 4pm

30 sun salutations for my 30th birthday 

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According to yoga philosophy, it is auspicious to complete as many rounds of sun salutations on your birthday as many times as you have traveled around the sun. Here are the variations I chose for my practice this morning. variations on sun salutations: ✔️1/2 sun salutation a: mountain • upward salute • forward fold • 1/2 lift • forward fold • upward salute • mountain = focus on neutral spine ✔️ sun salutation a with […]

the elements of air + space

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In considering the elements of air + space [vayu + aakash] that constitute the vata dosha, they relate to both movement + stillness. These elements are pervasive and exist both internally — e.g., the movement of the breath, the movement of the thoughts, and externally — e.g., the movement of the wind in the atmosphere. These elements share a relationship — movement creates space, and space creates a boundary-less sense of expansion and freedom. When working together […]

Introduction to Ayurveda

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Introduction Ayurveda & Yoga are complimentary sciences aimed to balance the mind + body, especially when practiced together. One of the main principles of Ayurveda involves Elemental Theory — meaning that all of the elements that exist in nature [Earth – Water – Fire – Air – Ether/Space] also exist within us in different proportions. According to Ayurveda, there are three primary  Doshas, or constitutions of the elements, in which two elements are predominant. Vata: Air […]

schedule this week

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you can find me at Eka Yoga this week + a couple of guest appearances, filling in for the lovely Julee Yokoyama: ✨ sunday @ 10am · yoga for vatas {mindful flow + restorative} ✨ sunday @ 12pm · yoga for kaphas {vinyasa} ✨ monday @ 4:30pm · yoga for kaphas {vinyasa} ✨ thursday @ 4:30pm · yoga for vatas {mindful flow + restorative} ✨ exploring how to remain grounded amidst change around us with […]

Eka Yoga Grand Opening Party

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  Come to Eka Yoga’s Grand Opening Party on Sunday, September 4th! There will be a free Tri-Doshic yoga class from 12-1:15pm, followed by an open house from 1:15 – 3pm with food + drinks, giveaways, pop-up shops featuring a local jewelry designer + t-shirt designer, and a fun + growing community. Find more details on Eka Yoga’s website or Facebook page. P.S. I will be on vacation 9/8 – 9/28, with a schedule change […]